Practice Enhancement Program for Saskatchewan Physicians

A positive means of assessing medical practice


About Us

The Practice Enhancement Program was established in 1994 as an educational program which would offer the physicians of Saskatchewan a positive means of assessing their medical practice.

Overview and Mandate

For more information on The Practice Enhancement Program’s overview and mandate, click here.


For more on our assessment process and criteria, or to access our fillable forms, click here.


Access all applicable information from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan bylaws, click here.


COPD, cardio vascular risk management, depression, diabetes, hypertension, pediatrics and obstetrics—to access our chart review guidelines, click here.


Resources for practice enhancement are excellent for practicing physicians. For resource lists and related links, or to share a resource with us, click here.


Find out from those we’ve worked with the practice enhancing capacity that evaluation can bring. For access to testimonials, click here.

Our Services

We offer a medical peer review assessment process, looking at physician’s CanMEDS or CanMEDS-Family Medicine roles of a Communicator, Collaborator, and a Professional. 

Assessment Process

Physican selection, pre-visit questionaires, MCC360 Multi-source Feedback surveys, and more. Our assessment process is committed to your enhancement.

Assessment Criteria

We look at key areas such as, quality of care, medical records, and physical facilities. Assessing the practice as a whole ensures high quality feedback.

Fillable Assessment Forms

For family physicans and specialists we provide our downloadable pre-visit questionaires.

Resource List

We have compiled a list of resources that are geared toward supporting physicians and specialists. Continuously updated, if you wish to share a helpful resource, contact us today.

Resource Links

Our resource links connect physicians and specialists to vetter sources that provide valuable insights on a wide variety of medical topics, from practices to patients.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for The Practice Enhancement Program for Saskatchewan Physicans, we invite you to contact us through our website. Click below to connect today.

“MCC360 is part of our continual learning experience as physicians. It gives us a true picture of our individual practice. After receiving my report, the review with a facilitator was very worthwhile. Even after 46 years in medical practice, I found there are always areas for improvement.”

MCC360 Multi source Feedback Survey


Practice Enhancement is Our Mission

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Nicole Kopp

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