About PEPSask

The Practice Enhancement Program was established in 1994 as an educational program which would offer the physicians of Saskatchewan a positive means of assessing their medical practice. The PEP committee studied existing assessment and remediation programs in other provinces as well as statistical reports determining that physicians do improve when they are given specific information identifying deficiencies and advice on how to correct them. The program is funded jointly by Saskatchewan Health, the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

The assessment process is a medical peer review which looks at a physician's CanMEDS or CanMEDS-Family Medicine roles of a Communicator, Collaborator, and a Professional. The process may also involve a review of a physician's office facilities, procedures and medical records to determine the quality of care being provided by that physician. The PEP experience also allows the physician to receive feedback from patients and peers. As assessments are completed and specific needs for enhancement are observed, the Practice Enhancement Program recommends educational and remedial resources to improve skills in specific areas.


Committee Members

Dr. Brian Laursen, Co-chair

Dr. George Carson, Co-chair

Dr. Karen Holfeld

Dr. Andries Muller

Dr. Yellepeddy Nataraj

Dr. Ivelin Radevski


Funding Institutions

Saskatchewan Medical Association

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan

Medical Services Branch, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health



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